Adventure & Teambuilding


 “We Are Crew, Not Passengers...”

Crew is a cornerstone of our school’s values. We have implemented crew in grades 6 – 12. “Crew provides a pathway for college preparation,” including college visits, career exploration, and application completion. The purpose of crew is to build a safe and supportive community in which students can form meaningful relationships with their peers and with a staff member outside of their regular academic classes. Crews are small, gender specific groups in grades 6 – 8 and small, co-ed groups in grades 9 – 12. Middle School Crews and their Crew Leaders stay together for all three years. High School Crews and Crew Leaders remain together for grades 9-10 and 11-12. An integral part of our Crew is Adventure and Teambuilding.

7th Grade Adventure and Climbing Trip

Students attend this trip at the Alpine Tower in Riis Park and are led by their Crew Leaders and Outward Bound Instructors. This adventure fosters emotional growth, risk taking, and helps create a positive culture.        

Crew Orientation a.k.a. “The 9th Grade Camping Trip”

Each crew attends along with their respective Crew Leaders. They spend almost an entire week hiking, climbing, cooking and taking care of themselves. Our goal is that by the end of the week, each Crew will be able to do everything on their own without guidance from the Outward Bound Instructor or Crew Leader. Students learn self-empowerment, advocacy, leadership, collaboration, and how to take risks. When students return they are positive and happy. Students are brought back to Sharpe Reservation again in 11th grade as a refresher.


Quotes from student journals following the “High Ropes Course”

When I ran out of ladder, I panicked, when i ran out of tree I almost gave up but then I thought. “If I don’t do this now when is the next time I’ll be able to?” I looked forward, back to the tree and began my shaky slow steps… I accomplished something I wouldn’t otherwise do on my own. -Debora
I knew that my crew can do amazing things if we can work together more, participate and treat each other equally. I really loved this trip… I do know, wearing a pin doesn’t mean anything unless I live up to it. -Alliyah


Quotes upon Returning from Crew Orientation

The camping trip was a once in a life time opportunity. I was able to strengthen my skills and overcome fears. I even overcame the obstacle that I thought was the hardest which was climbing up the gigantic hill. At first I didn’t think I would be able to push through it but with the encouragement from my crew I accomplished my fear and goal. A big message that I took from the camping trip was never to give up. So because of that even when I’m in school and am facing something extremely difficult I think back to the camping trip and know with determination I can get through it. -Alexcia
My experience at the camping trip was epic! I originally was uncertain and doubtful about going, however I’m glad I made the decision to go. Throughout the trip I’ve gained friendships, bonds, trust, etc. The thought of camping sounded so uncomfortable to me, not showering, being in the cold and especially being around peers I wasn’t really close with. By the end of t trip I overcame many fears, engaged entirely with my crew and felt super comfortable from rolling on hills to watching the stars and drinking the fresh water from the falls, everything was a moment to remember. Something I thought I’d never say “Can we go on the camping trip again”. By far the best trip ever. -Tnes