Crew Council

Crew Council students, elected by their peers, collaborate to design special experiences for students, which promote collaboration and school culture. While doing this they develop leadership and advocacy skills. To continue the development of these skills students are sent to Albany and Washington D.C. Additionally, Crew Council students attend a forum in front of teachers where a Q & A occurs about the school and teaching.

Albany & Washington Trip
Last year my fellow classmates and I attended the trip to Albany. We were able to go to the capital building and we were able to watch laws pass. It was cool to watch politicians that I’ve seen on the news pass laws that will that will help people. One of my favorite parts of the trip was going to the top floor and being able to look over Albany.

My classmates and I went to the museum for African American Culture. It was an amazing experience being exposed to everything there because we really got a feel for what happened. My favorite exhibit there was the water fountain because it honored all the people who died during slavery. Overall the trip was amazing and I hope to go again. -Kaili


All middle school students participate in an annual event known as Crewlympics. Each Crew participates in a variety of initiatives and challenges. They work through design principles of collaboration and competition, as well as success and failure. 

College Preparation

Beginning as early as 6th grade, Crews focus on preparing for College. Middle Schools Crews learn about different colleges though exploration.  As they get older, they attend college campus trips and begin working toward their college applications. This college preparation culminates with the College March, where seniors mail out their applications as a class. 

Crew Leaders as Advocates

Crew Leaders at times need to figuratively stand in front, beside, or behind their students. They become advocates for their young people and help students become empowered and able to advocate for themselves. Crew Leaders also teach students how to monitor their own academics. 

“Ms. Nolan is a great Crew Leader because not only does she interact with students but she also makes sure that they do their best in math and life. She’s courageous, kind, and filled with joy. She’s funny, and will always leave a smile on your face. She is also very trustworthy and reliable so whatever you tell her she won’t tell anyone else. Ms. Nolan to me is one of the best Channel View teachers.” -Babatope