Mastery of Knowledge and Skills


The staff of Channel View School for Research (CVSR) continuously work to create an academically rigorous school community where we value relationships, culture, and character. EL Education’s framework has established a professional learning community with common language and goals. We strive to create students who are self-empowered advocates for their own learning. Our approach to instruction is to create commonality throughout a young person’s educational experience. In addition, our dedicated staff collaborate regularly to create engaging and rigorous lessons that meet students where they are and push them to master knowledge and skills. 


Mastery of Knowledge and Skills: Claim 1


Channel View School for Research students outperform the state and district on standardized assessments, demonstrating that our culturally and socioeconomically diverse student population is prepared to transition from high school to college.


Almost 90% of our students are non-white and over 70% receive free or reduced lunch. Despite these challenges, our students consistently outperform the city and state on standardized assessments. Not only do we demonstrate substantial growth in our Middle School Assessment scores, but our New York State (NYS) Regents scores and graduation rates are also some of the best in the city. Regents Examinations are statewide standardized examinations in core high school subjects that are required for graduation. This accomplishment connects to core practice #23 “Raising Achievement on Assessments of Learning,” which focuses on standardized test growth.


CVSR course offerings for our 8th graders include NYS Regents Exams (Algebra, Living Environment, and United States History). This programming change has allowed us to offer eleven Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and, as a matter of principle, all of our 9th graders experience an Advanced Placement course. 


As our team continues to improve itself and dedicate ourselves to student success, we will continue to hone our craft, so at the end of their 6-12 journey, our students will face few to no obstacles when they enter the post-secondary world. We will continue to closely monitor our students' progress to ensure that they meet these academic goals. As a team, for the future Channel View, we are working on selecting interim assessments, such as Performance Series, which take place every 4-8 weeks and are closely aligned with college-readiness standards and standardized tests.


Evidence 1: College Readiness Statistics

CVSR students have significantly higher 4-year graduation rates and scores on the College Readiness Index (CRI) than their New York City (NYC) comparison group of students. The CRI measures the percent of students in a graduating cohort who attained a Regents diploma and surpassed the City University of New York (CUNY) threshold for college remediation in math and English Language Arts (ELA). In addition to academic success, our school’s culture builds confidence, which enables students to feel as if they belong in college. Because of their participation in college dress days and our annual College March, CVSR students and their families see themselves as college bound.


One way we help our students prepare for college is through weekly Crew meetings. We are fortunate to serve students from grades 6 to 12. All students are assigned Crew leaders and Crew periods throughout the week. Their Crew leaders discuss their transcripts with them and monitor their progress. This allows students to have a teacher who helps them stay on track. Our college and career readiness begins on the first day of 6th grade. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about where they want to go to college. Crews research and visit colleges, and students receive additional support through their work on Naviance, a program that provides a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals.


At Channel View, we have a 97% graduation rate. Our students graduate having taken 4 years of math, science, history, and English. We require students to acquire 44 credits by the time they graduate. With the support of their teachers, our students are able to graduate having successfully passed the five required NYS Regents exams; many even acquire an Advanced Regents Diploma, which mandates they take and pass nine Regents exams. High School courses begin in 8th grade, enabling us to offer many Advanced Placement courses. As previously stated ALL of our 9th grade students are enrolled in an AP Class. By taking Advanced Placement and College Now courses, students can graduate with more than a semester’s worth of college credit. CVSR has developed a high-standards culture when it comes to graduation.


Higher-Need Student Population

Students with Disabilities


Students Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunch


Economic Need Index (ENI)*


*ENI is an estimate of the percentage of students at the school facing economic hardship based on temporary hardship, eligibility for public assistance, and census-tract poverty rates.





Evidence 2: College Enrollment Report from NYC Outward Board


This report provides information on college enrollment and demographics, which helps inform us on post-secondary strategies for success in our school.  Not only do CVSR students leave college-ready, but they also enroll and persist in college.  The To & Through College curriculum helps students navigate their way to colleges that are well-matched to their interests, needs, and skills. Each milestone in the college-going process is celebrated at events such as: College Access for All, a program that allows all middle and high school students to visit prestigious public and private institutions; the College March, an annual NYC Outward Bound School ritual; and Meetup Day, where students have an opportunity to gather with other students around the city who will be attending the same college. 


The graph below shows the enrollees by demographics. Specifically, our African American student enrollment percentage has remained 80% and our Latinx student percentage has increased over 3 years to 82%.



The graph below shows the breakdown of college enrollment post Channel View. Our data has shown an increase in how many students enroll in college within 6 to 18 months of graduation.



The third graph shows the enrollment of students in a 2 or 4-year college. Over the years, we have increased the amount of students who attend a 4-year college. This will allow our students to have a better college completion rate.



Evidence 3: Standardized Assessments


New York State Standardized Assessments data shows that CVSR students have routinely outperformed the rest of the city in both math and ELA at the middle and high school level.

The following tables display this comparison data.







Evidence 4: School Survey Data


A final indicator supporting CVSR’s claim of student preparation for college is from the students’ perspective. The New York City annual school survey asks students about the school’s college-going culture. More CVSR students say that they are better prepared for college, than the citywide average. 


CVSR NYC DOE School Survey for 2017-18


Percentage of high school students who say that adults at their school talk to them about what they plan to do after high school.



Percentage of high school students who say that adults at their school encourage them to continue their education after high school.



Percentage of high school students who say that adults at their school inform them about the college application process.




92% of Families say that CVSR helps keep their child on track for college, career, and success in life after high school.


91% of Families say that CVSR provides resources to them and their child to prepare their child for college, career, and success in life after high school.