Mastery of Knowledge and Skills: Claim 2


Channel View School for Research students of color excel in academic achievement, college enrollment, and persistence.


Channel View has collaboratively focused on our achievement gap of subgroups to ensure that no student is left behind. We value our culturally responsive approach to instruction and our male and female mentor groups. Our students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, continue to outperform in, enroll in, and take Advanced Placement (AP) classes. This demonstrates a school community that is dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap.


New York State (NYS) Math and English Regents subgroup data for students of color students and economically disadvantaged students shows that CVSR students are achieving academic success at a level that is equal to or above that of their peers at the district and state levels.


The graduation rate, college enrollment rate, college persistence (2 & 4 year) rates, and diploma type for CVSR’s economically disadvantaged and students of color students demonstrate that these subgroups are excelling in academic achievement beyond CVSR. In the future, CVSR hopes to put more emphasis on students meeting standards in both academics and habits of scholarship in order to graduate.


Evidence 1: High School Diploma Type

(Regents/Advanced Regents)


Our students have consistently received a NYS Regents Diploma. To graduate, students are required to earn appropriate credits in a number of specific subjects by passing year-long or half-year courses, after which they must pass at least five Regents examinations. For higher achieving students, an Advanced Regents and an Honor designation are also offered. Students with disabilities or enrolled in an English as a Second Language Program are able to earn a local diploma.


The bar graph below show that in 2017 and 2018, 75% of Latinx students graduated with a Regents Diploma. The second bar on each graph shows the students who received an Advanced Regents Diploma. We increased our percentage by 7% from 2017 to 2018. Channel View has achieved this increase by working on vertically aligning curriculum in all departments. We have also increased course offerings, which has allowed students increased access to the courses they must complete in order to receive an Advanced Regents Diploma.





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Evidence 2: Enrollment/Achievement in Pre-AP and AP Courses


This data shows the high level of students of color and economically disadvantaged students participating in AP courses at CVSR.


Over the last three years, CVSR has committed to opening up AP classes to all students, regardless of race or economic factors.  While our goal remains 100%, the data shows that currently, each racial sub-group has more than 2/3rds enrollment.


There are eleven AP classes currently offered to Channel View students. Students take their first AP class, AP Human Geography, in ninth grade. Students continue their AP work in grade 10, with AP Global History. In order to master the rigorous curriculum in these courses, students must develop study skills and a work ethic that supports their learning in all classes. Students can also take an AP Seminar class, which helps them improve their research and writing ability, and teaches them to synthesize information. The AP Seminar class also requires students to manage their time and work independently. These skills help students achieve success and prepare them for the material they will encounter as upper classmen.


Evidence 3: Middle School State English Language Arts (ELA) Data


Channel View has a culture of analyzing data and honing in on subgroups. In 2018, our subgroups outperformed the city in the ELA State Assessment. We have supported our students through expeditions, modules, and evidence-based curriculum to better meet the needs of subgroups.