Student Impact Statements

Click on the image below to hear students share the impact Channel View has had on their academics and character.

The following student essay was recently posted to the New York City (NYC) Outward Bound website:

"BECOMING AN OVERCOMER" by Giselle Carter, a senior at Channel View

I came to Channel View in 9th grade when I was 14 years old. I wasn’t very good at math as a freshman, and I had a pretty rough start trying to understand mathematics for my first year in high school. In fact, I have to admit that most of my grades were pretty low in middle school since I didn’t really put effort into anything, and I was surprised to be accepted to Channel View at all.

But in 9th grade, my math teacher Mr. Akindayo helped me understand math, finally. When he was teaching math, he broke down each problem into simpler steps that I could understand. Together, we would go through each math problem so that I could practice and get better. I began to feel comfortable doing math instantly. I became more confident with each problem I had to do.

Mr. Akindayo gave me confidence in my math work and ever since then I have excelled in all my classes and even made the honor roll in my high school years. Math was the main subject that boosted my grades and overcoming math made me release a lot of stress. I was starting to become more stress-free and I had hope in everything I was doing because I knew how to push myself.

Giselle at her College March

Being an honor roll student requires a lot of work and dedication, but my teachers always push me to do my best; they believe in me. Thanks to Mr. Akindayo, I no longer struggle in mathematics anymore. He taught me how to be an overcomer, someone who can push forward to any situation they will face.

Channel View really changed my whole high school career from something that could have been negative—based on my middle school performance—into something so positive, through many academic opportunities and scholarships during my college application process.

As a proud honor roll student, I wanted to leave my mark at Channel View, and inspire other students. I began to get more involved in sports and clubs because I wanted to be a part of more in Channel View. I’m also a member of Channel View’s mentorship program, which we call Leaders of Our Peers (LOOP).

I grew so tremendously in my academics, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and made lifelong friendships and memories I will cherish, including going on our Crew camping trip. I had fun moments with my Crew peers, I did extracurricular activities, and I overcame academic challenges with the support of my school and my Crew and classmates.

Channel View shaped me to the person I am today. If it wasn’t for Channel View, I wouldn’t have become a person who can positively impact many people’s lives today by being encouraging and spreading love to whomever I can connect with. I strive to be the light in my many lives. As we say at NYC Outward Bound Schools, we are crew, not passengers.

Giselle will be heading to State University of New York at Oswego in Fall 2019 to study theater.